Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action

We partner with teams who want to meet their challenges with the Imagination, bold Thinking and Creativity required to generate purposeful Innovation that can benefit the world and make them prosper


” The Corporation Map: a visual metaphor of the organization as a living system “

Our map gives you fresh perspectives on the essential but “non-official” aspects which drive an organization towards success, status quo or failure: the unwritten rules of the game, perceptions and emotions. Look for instance at “Tectonic Change Area”, “Volcano of Incertitude’, ”The Resistance to Change Petrified Forest”, “Emergent Strategy Tableland”, “Innovation Bay”, “the sea of Irrationality”, “motivation Harbour”, “New values Capital” and many others.

You can use the map to develop the “Altitude Attitude” and find leverages to influence the “climate” on your “territory”.
Your maps are your territory. And you can change them.

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The Challenge

Excelling is not innovating

When the world stopped needing stagecoaches, the manufacturer of the best stagecoaches died in Total Quality. Instead of inventing the automobile.

If your main challenge is to actively shape the Future of your organization in this “game-changing” world, you may feel that “linear” and “safe” Thinking will not take you there.

It is difficult to conquer new territories with old maps.

Do you and your team want to put your imagination at work on your key issues, detect new opportunities and be able to seize them creatively to make a meaningful impact?

Since 1992, we accompany entrepreneurs and companies facing the same challenges as yours: move from “Renovation” to purposeful “Innovation”, create a broad portfolio of strategic and wealth-creating initiatives, products and services needed to Future-proof their Business

What our customers get

Our customers successfully manage to

  • invent their Future based on new perceptions and regenerated Mental Maps
  • reinvent their Business, their strategies and also the way they build them in an unstable world
  • rethink the Paradigm in which they want to innovate and the impact they want to make

Complete portfolios of Innovation emerge, allowing them to innovate simultaneously at the required speed on 3 Growth horizons.

Results rapidly follow and are appreciated: significant increase in turnover, launching of new activities, creation of new revenue flows, international awards, better atmosphere at the work place, job creation etc.!

Our core expertise

“Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”

The Eye only sees what the Brain is ready to understand.
And Innovation starts with an Eye.

It is our capacity to create these deep Shifts in Minds which enabled us to help hundred of teams. Instead of leaving people trapped by their assumptions and definitions of their “Business”, their markets and their opportunities, these Shifts empower Innovation. Indeed, they allow to

  • Reshape Mental Maps, i.e. challenge perceptions and assumptions that guide decisions and actions
  • Develop opportunity foresense, i.e. detect plausible and robust Innovation opportunities
  • Put their imagination at work on key issues, i.e. practice “Out-of-the-Box” and Breakthrough Thinking, to envision alternative Future Scenarios, imagine truly innovative and radically new approaches to Value creation
  • Make today the best strategic choices to actively shape the Strategic Landscape

As a Result, teams develop the vital Art of Reperception, I.e. new and more pertinent ways of seeing needed to accomplish the 4 fundamental Movements of any strategic approach to Innovation:

Strategic fit

1. to See the world with new lenses

2. to Sense emerging needs and new Innovation opportunities

3. to Seize them creatively and develop a Vision for the Future

4. to Act in new ways

The team

Experts, Practitioners, Researchers and Professors

Aline Frankfort
Jean-Louis Baudoin
Aline Frankfort
Jean-Louis Baudoin

As our clients say, what differentiates us is our powerful capacity to generate the “unexpected” and to identify plausible and credible future opportunities which lead to success.

They also appreciate the immediate and long-term return on investment that our customized projects and approaches generate. Why? Because they go to the very essence, i.e. the profound – not cosmetic – transformation of mindsets, Thinking and perceptions in the perspective of their pertinent contribution to the Future.

These capacities are the result of a rare combination of Imagination and Logic, i.e. an association of provocative and innovative Thinking taking place in a living, fascinating and focused process.

Our deep conviction

Most organisations
talk Innovation but practice Renovation

They are happy with “reorganizing the furniture in the same room”, whereas “the need is to reinvent the room and in more and more instances, the building itself!”

What can you expect from us ?

3 services we CONNECT and articulate for success
Because 1) Ideas are not Innovation 2) Innovation is a means of achieving Strategy


Orientation for Value Creation,
Vision and strategic Choices in a moving context


Innovation Portfolio
Executing Strategy through Innovation


Creative Thinking as the driving
force of Innovation


Everybody. 3 key roles

services consulteam

Our 3 services help you thrive on the Triple Revolution


The end of “Business-as-Usual”

The best way your company can become “smart” is to be aligned with “the 4P’s Bottom Line”: People (Social Well-Being), Planet (Environmental Health), Profit (Economy) and Purpose (Meaning)

Being “smart” and meaningful for a modern organisation is connecting Purpose with Profitability, Social Resilience and the regeneration of Ecosystems.

And your Bottom Line can become healthier than ever. Without forgetting your attractiveness for young generations in quest for Meaning, looking for jobs satisfying their needs to contribute to meaningful issues.

From Dumb Growth to Smart Growth
The Purpose Imperative

What we offer

Getting to Next:
Actively Shaping your Future

No one can create the Future starting from obsolete maps,

Strategic Innovation is about reshaping your Mental Maps to help you make today the strategic choices that will lead you to actively shape your Future(s) and prosper in an a completely new and unpredictable “Strategic Landscape”

Rather than applying standard answers or pretend to predict the Future, we associate the Power of “Lateral Thinking” ® with the “Art of Strategy” to help you make the 4 crucial strategic mouvements

  • to See and decode the strategic Landscape with new lenses
  • to Sense emerging needs and new Innovation opportunities
  • to Seize them creatively and develop a Vision for the Future
  • to Act in new ways


A new Art and Science of Collaboration

The best way your company can become Future-relevant is to shift from Labor intensive to Thinking intensive, it is abut valorizing the intelligence, the knowledge and the talents of people.

Indeed, the world has shifted

  • From Manufacture to Value-facture
  • From a “vertical” to a Lateral world
  • From a linear to a circular Economy
  • From rigid organizations to agile organisations

Pyramids, Silos and Empires are being replaced by Hubs and Networks, new Value creation flows, cross-sector collaborations.

Your Future success depends on your capacity to focus and motivate talented people to think, work and act creatively and effectively as teams and networks, cross-silos, cross-cultures, cross-disciplines and cross-sectors.

From Labor intensive to Thinking intensive,
The “Participation and Collaboration Imperative”

What we offer

Focus and liberate Innovation forces to build your core capacity to innovate

One of the main issue for any company is to create an Innovation Ecology: a “safe space for pertinent Creativity and Innovation“.

We offer a systemic approach to Innovation which allows

  1. The creation of Innovation BioTops, focused, super dynamic practice fields for Collaborative Innovation
  2. The right balance between “Optimization” and “Innovation”

How? By moving from “Command and Control” to “Focus and Freedom”
These pertinent and systemic Innovation practices allow to focus and liberate imaginative forces as a source of competitive advantages.


Think or sink!

The best way to thrive in this “Game-Changing” world is to move away from merely recognizing standard situations and providing standard answers.

Todays’s challenges require Creative, even “Revolutionary” Thinking to invent the widest range of solutions for the “wicked” problems now facing our lives.

If you want to design innovative ways forward and shape the Future for the best, you need to regenerate your mental Maps, develop new Thinking skills and Mindsets.

From a linear and stable world to disruptive Ambiguity and Uncertainty 
The Creative Thinking 

What we offer

The Mindsets and Skillsets needed to imagine the next generation of Wealthcreating strategies and solutions

Innovation is Creativity implemented.
Creativity drives Innovation. It is the revitalizing force and the “Must Have” for sustainable success and profits. It is also the cheapest way to get the most out of your existing assets.

At Creative ConsulTeam, we guide teams to develop the Vital Art of Reperception: a breakthrough in the way they see and think.

How? Through our custom-designed programs based on the “Six Thinking Hats”® and “Lateral Thinking”®, “State-ofthe-Art” methods invented by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world highest authority in the field of Creative Thinking, in which he accredited us as experts.

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    General manager

    Aline Frankfort et Jean-Louis Baudoin, two matchless “strategic thinkers” with whom I have cooperated for the “Strategic repositioning” of MATERIA NOVA, a mission during which I have been able to appreciate their added value.

    Managing director

    I had first the chance to meet Aline when she came to coach startups on their Business Model Canevas in a MIC Boostcamp. It was like travelling for the first time with a flying saucer when you only have been doing bicycles till there… After that first experience, Aline coached a complex value definition question on Clouds Computing with a very strong group of experts and she succeed to help that group to extract some very useful insights during a collective intelligence session she animated with brio. Thanks Aline !.


    Aline and Jean-Louis have brought us the tools and the open confrontation to make us think hard about our future, to agree amongst ourselves on the major trends and domains that will open up and our contribution to society.

    Many thanks.  FYI, we just decided to launch two initiatives to continue working on two opportunities that came out of our workshops.  I expect teams to get staffed on this as of the start of next year.

    The question today is: can we think out of the “Bug Box”?

    And the question seems to concern everybody, all over the world. A sort of perceptual Tsunami, if you will! Everyone…

    Shift 2 From the “Desire for Certainty Abbey” to the “Confidence in Uncertainty Bay”

    It is time to give up the illusion of predictability and control…and start to LOVE Uncertainty.
    But most people are struggling, falling without admitting it into confusion, fear, anxiety, lack of imagination and a desire for Certainty: in short, what we call Regression forces which lead them to preserve the old instead of shaping the new.
    To get out of the mess we’re in, we need to create the opposite of fear: hope and desire. We need a new meaning-making story that explains the Present and creates a strong desire for a possible viable Future.
    This requires a leap of Imagination, new mental models and courage.

    Shift 1: From “Realism Blind Spot” to “Potentiality Spring Board”

    Realism always pretends to be wise and lucid. But it is often simply blind. And not always wise.
    As a saying goes: “Wisdom comes with age. But sometimes age comes alone.”
    So, whatever your age is, remember that “reality” is a story we ourselves. Whether you are a Leader, a mother or a father, a brother, if you want to build a No-Mad world, it is now key to get out of the prison of the “Realism Blind Spot” and move to “Potentiality Springboard.”

    Your next wise move: from MAD Land to NO-MAD Land

    It is a secret for no one that our current world is going M.A.D.!
    More exactly, the way we live on this planet is leading us to Mutually Assured Destruction.
    It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by this situation. What we propose is something else: a place of Hope, Wisdom, Imagination and Desire to build a NO-MAD World based on Mutually Assured Development.
    We hope our map will help you to make wise choices and beneficial changes on how to move from MAD to NO-Mad land.