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Our mission

Move from “Renovation” to real “Innovation”: create a broad portfolio of strategic and wealth creating initiatives, products and services needed to future-proof your business

As a Creative Thinking and Strategic Innovation Consultancy founded in 1992, our purpose is to help our clients design and lead the next generation of strategies and solutions that will create new value and shape a better world for all.

We help them successfully meet discontinuous Change and Uncertainty with the Imagination, bold thinking and Creativity required to move beyond the usual Safe and Linear Thinking which can only lead to incremental improvements in the Comfort zone.

We help teams face discontinuous Change and Uncertainty with the Imagination, the Creativity and the Flexibility required

  • to design radically new, Future-Relevant, wealth-creating and meaningful ways forward
  • to raise the level of all kinds of innovation – product, process, service, incremental, radical, repurposing, Business Model – flowing into the economy
  • to make more pertinent decisions
  • to take more appropriate actions
  • to actively shape the Future in a completely different “ecosystem” (versus known territory) which requires to shift from “more of the same” to a “radical”, profound and more frequent reinvention of strategies, approaches and Business Models

Our core expertise is to create “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”, i.e. deep changes in the ways people see, think and do. These shifts enable to innovate in fundamental ways and make the Revolutionary – not just incremental – changes necessary in a new Paradigm.

Whether you are a small Business, a Company, an Institution, an Association, a Network, a Country, a Region, a team of Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs, this will help you to build an organization on Serious Creativity and innovation and move to the “4R” Vanguard approaches:

  1. Revitalising
  2. Regenerating
  3. Reinventing
  4. Revolutionising

You will develop agility, flexibility, awareness, and resiliency, vital abilities to thrive in our turbulent times.

We apply our expertise in three spheres of activities: Strategic Innovation, Creative Thinking and Innovation in Action. They are designed to help you build a core, lasting and collective capacity to innovate and to reinvent yourself at the adequate speed.

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Our Team

Aline Frankfort

Aline Frankfort

Founder and Director
Creative ConsulTeam

Aline helps teams reframe their Mental “Maps”, reinvent themselves, create meaningful Value and actively shape their Futures.
Ever since she was a child, her passion has been to make the Future the Cause of the Present.
She is recognized for her conceptual, creative and strategic Thinking abilities as well as her capacity to provoke “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action“.
In 1992, after graduating in Law (Free university Brussels) and Drawing (La Cambre), she founded Creative ConsulTeam, a Strategic Innovation consultancy.
Since then, she designs and facilitates non-linear, inclusive, dialogue-based strategic exploration processes conceived to engage and motivate individuals and groups of all sizes and types to make deep changes in the ways they see and think.

She is Full Member oh The club of Rome (Core EU chapter), working for a better World.

Skills summary

  1. Efficient and Creative Thinking: accredited in 1993 by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world’s highest Authority on “Serious Creativity”®, as expert in the practice and teaching of the “Six Thinking Hats”® and “Lateral Thinking”®
  2. Strategy and Innovation: Strategic Thinking, Scenario Thinking (she holds 5 Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management: “Theory U: Transformational Leadership and Deep Change”; “Business Strategy Reinvention”, “Building, Leading and Sustaining the Innovative organization”, “Managing and solving complex Business Problems”, “Driving Strategic Innovation” and she was certified at Oxford Saïd Business School in “Strategic Planning and Strategic reframing”)
  3. Design Thinking: design driven Innovation, Business Model Innovation (she is among the Co-authors of the book “Business Model Generation), storytelling
  4. Coaching and Team Building: Certified in 1997 by Transformance Paris in “Coaching and Team Building” (Vincent Lenhardt)

Academic activities

  • Lecturer on “Performance Management” at the Solvay Business School in Brussels (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001
  • invited Lecturer on “Serious Creativity” at ULB’s Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • invited Professor of Creativity and Innovation at the UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve) in the CPME Program – interfaculty program (Master) in Entrepreneurship.
    This program is ranked 5th, in a group which includes MIT, Cambridge, Wharton, Rotterdam and Babson College.

Public conferences

  • at TEDx Mulhouse: 20 minutes dedicated to the perceptions required to navigate in an ever-changing environment.
    View on YouTube
  • at the free University of Brussels, in French. 20 minutes on “the eye only sees what the Brain in ready to understand”. The need for meaningful Future stories
    View on YouTube
Jean-Louis Baudoin

Jean-Louis Baudoin

Senior Partner
Creative ConsulTeam

Jean-Louis helps people and organizations boost the Mindsets and skillsets needed for Innovation and build a Sustainable Creative Culture.

Among his passions: open new Perceptions and Possibilities, develop creative concepts and names. By the way, he is the inventor of the Concept of Shapership and “The Altitude Attitude”

His other passion: he is a confirmed Jazz Musician (double bass), and has played with people like Toots Thielemans, Nathalie Loriers, Jean-François Prins, Eric Legnini and Félix Simtaine.

He embodies an original, diversified and creative life and is recognized for his openness, humor, creative genious and sense of harmony – he has been “diagnosed” in a Thesis written at the University of Illinois as “the Third man”, capable of building a bridge between cultures

After early exposure to foreign culture at age 17 (South Africa as Rotary Fellow and the United States the same year as American Field Service Exchange Student), he obtains a Doctorate in Law
from Liège University and has then reinvented himself seven times –

  • Manager of an international student travel program designed to enable Culture exchange
  • Award-winning copywriter
  • Fantastic name finder
  • Inventor of a second-hand Contemporary high-class Design store
  • “Toqued” restaurant owner
  • Expert audiovisual scenario writer
  • Coach in persuasive Presentation Skills.

Jean-Louis has joined talents and forces with Aline in 1992.
Today, he is Senior Partner at Creative ConsulTeam.

Skills summary

  • Persuasive oral and written communication,
  • Storytelling
  • High level negotiation
  • Efficient and Creative Thinking, creative facilitation
  • Name Finding, Creative Concept articulation
  • Strategy and Innovation: Strategic Thinking, Scenario
    Thinking ( Executive Certificates from the M.I.T Sloan School of Management: “Business Strategy Reinvention”)
  • Excellent transmission abilities

Academic activities

  •  Lecturer on “Performance Management” at the Solvay
    Business School in Brussels
    (IACE & IADE modules) between 1992 and 2001.
  • invited Professor on “Serious Creativity” at ULB’s Solvay
    Business School IT section since 2008

Aline and Jean-Louis have been partners in Creative ConsulTeam since 1992 and over the years, they have been actively helping groups of all sizes and activities to

1. regenerate their assumptions

2. design and drive an innovation portfolio of Future-relevant Value propositions

3. envision dramatically different Business models and radically improve existing ones

4. reinvent their Strategies and the way they build them

5. take better decisions to make their Business Future-relevant and actively Shape their Future(s) in an unstable world

They also have associated their talents to create “Jazz & Company”, a workshop using Jazz as a Metaphor of a new Art of Collaboration and Innovation. This workshop, based on a live concert, demonstrates how Focus and Freedom can successfully replace Control and Command to enable Agility in Organizations.


  • The Corporation map, 1992, accessible on our web site
  • Soyez du Futur”, Revue Références,
  • “Shapership: the Art of Shaping the Future”, Rotman Magazine, fall 2015, accessible on our web site
  • Our Book published in July 2018 in English and in French: “Shapership. The Art of Shaping the Future”


Actively shaping the future of your organization demands that you get out of your confort zone

The man who manufactured the best stagecoaches in the world died in total quality because, one day, the world stopped needing stagecoaches! Excelling is not Innovating. Renovating isn’t either!

If practically, your challenge is to invent the Future of your organization in this “shaky” period, you know that “linear” and “safe” Thinking is no longer enough. It can even be quite dangerous.

To  paraphrase Albert Einstein famous quote: “the significant problems we have cannot be solved by the same type of thinking that created them”.

In other words, we cannot solve 21st century issues with a 20th century Mindsets.We need is a “Revolution in Mind”.

True Innovation is the result of the profound transformation of Mindsets, of Thinking and of Perceptions. Imagination and Creativity are needed not only to discover new possibilities and create new products and services in the current paradigm, but to reinvent the paradigm within which we want to innovate.

Our core expertise is creating “Shift in Minds for Shift in Action”

All our approaches are conceived to engage and motivate individuals and groups of all sizes and types to make deep changes in the ways they see and think. Instead of leaving them trapped by old assumptions and thinking habits, these Shifts in Minds empower Innovation by allowing

  • to See and decode the World as it is and as it is becoming with new lenses
  • to understand a world that is still largely unknown
  • to Sense new opportunities and emerging needs
  • to Seize them creatively, develop and “prototype” new possibilities
  • to Act in new ways

As a result, they develop those vital creative capacities of seeing, thinking and doing differently which can be applied

  • to regenerate their thinking instead of reproducing the patterns of the Past
  • to unlock the Creativity and human ingenuity to jump to effective solutions
  • to base strategic actions on future possibilities and adopt  a “Feed-Forward” orientation to actively shape the Future
  • to create and drive entirely new Businesses, dramatically different Business models and radically improve existing ones
  • to develop more pertinent and more innovative ways of seeing and doing in order to generate better results in an uncertain world.

This allows organisations to develop major, durable and hard-to-duplicate competitive advantages, i.e. the collective capacity to learn, to innovate and to reinvent itself at the required speed.

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