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What’s in a name?

Good names are “storytellers”: they convey a Universe. They are precious but rare. How do you find good names? Naming is precisely an exercise in “Serious Creativity”, i.e. “the capacity to create Value within well-identified constraints”. Here are examples of Names that show exactly what a good name is about and some steps you can use to try on your side.


People, Planet, Profit…and then what? PURPOSE, of course!

Purpose can make your Bottom Line healthier than ever. In fact, that’s the case of Smart organizations, which are fully aligned with the 4P Bottom line. Their Purpose gave them more than Meaning: it opened a fantastic opportunity Space. But at one condition: to understand that a Purpose is not a simple statement – or a bullshit slogan – to pin on a wall: it is a deep commitment to place at the core of your Business!
This big Yes to Meaningful value creation makes you shift from Core Business to Care Business!

commoditisation de ses produits

What can you do when faced with commoditisation?

When doing more of the same is no longer enough, it is time to actively Shape your Future. Here is how: by practicing 4 key mouvements : See, Sense, creatively Seize and Shape. But it all starts with an “eye”: regenerated mental Maps and fresh perceptions to re-perceive your Business, your Strategic Landscape and your opportunities.