Strategic Innovation

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07 Oct: Shift 2 From the “Desire for Certainty Abbey” to the “Confidence in Uncertainty Bay”

It is time to give up the illusion of predictability and control…and start to LOVE Uncertainty.
But most people are struggling, falling without admitting it into confusion, fear, anxiety, lack of imagination and a desire for Certainty: in short, what we call Regression forces which lead them to preserve the old instead of shaping the new.
To get out of the mess we’re in, we need to create the opposite of fear: hope and desire. We need a new meaning-making story that explains the Present and creates a strong desire for a possible viable Future.
This requires a leap of Imagination, new mental models and courage.

No-Mad Sprinboard

05 Jun: Shift 1: From “Realism Blind Spot” to “Potentiality Spring Board”

Realism always pretends to be wise and lucid. But it is often simply blind. And not always wise.
As a saying goes: “Wisdom comes with age. But sometimes age comes alone.”
So, whatever your age is, remember that “reality” is a story we ourselves. Whether you are a Leader, a mother or a father, a brother, if you want to build a No-Mad world, it is now key to get out of the prison of the “Realism Blind Spot” and move to “Potentiality Springboard.”

No-Mad Map-Creative ConsulTeam

24 May: Your next wise move: from MAD Land to NO-MAD Land

It is a secret for no one that our current world is going M.A.D.!
More exactly, the way we live on this planet is leading us to Mutually Assured Destruction.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed and depressed by this situation. What we propose is something else: a place of Hope, Wisdom, Imagination and Desire to build a NO-MAD World based on Mutually Assured Development.
We hope our map will help you to make wise choices and beneficial changes on how to move from MAD to NO-Mad land.

Chenille Papillon (1) (1)

10 May: It is not a matter for the caterpillar to become bigger and bigger. What matters is to become a butterfly!

We can no longer reorganise the furniture in the same room. We need to reinvent the room. And in more and more instances, the building itself. The unprecedented scope of changes that organisations face requires more than “correcting” measures.
They call for a deep TRANSFORMATION – even a REINVENTION – of approaches. We don’t need more stuff or things to consume. We need to transform our lives. This is a call for deep and transformative Innovation: the kind of innovation which supports the fabric of life, brings solutions to the issues of our time and creates Sustainable Value.
This requires a “Revolution in Minds: the Art of Reperception might be the Key to actively Shaping our Future.

What can Shapership bring to Leadership

05 Apr: Shapership. The Art of shaping the Future (Part 2)

Shapership is this capacity to Shape the Future and inspire others to engage in change.
What makes Shapers so inspiring? The Do’s and Don’ts of Shapership will give you an answer.
If you are a Leader, what can “Shapership mean and what can it bring you? A real inspiration to become the kind of inspiring leader you may want to become in this disruptive economy. An Eye (H)opener.

Purpose- Mountain climbing-fabrizio-conti (2)

26 Mar: Why it is more crucial than ever to understand the “Purpose imperative”?

Because it can help you make your Business become “Smart”. (Yes, the opposite of a “dumb” one).

Companies don’t exist in a vacuum: Business can only thrive if society Prospers, which in turn demands that Businesses develop approaches that support the fabric of life. 

Today’s most innovative leaders have understood that they need to bring meaningful contributions to the key issues all of us face instead of focusing inwardly on their Bottom line. 
They have understood the shift from Dumb Growth to Smart Growth.


11 Feb: People, Planet, Profit…and then what? PURPOSE, of course!

Purpose can make your Bottom Line healthier than ever. In fact, that’s the case of Smart organizations, which are fully aligned with the 4P Bottom line. Their Purpose gave them more than Meaning: it opened a fantastic opportunity Space. But at one condition: to understand that a Purpose is not a simple statement – or a bullshit slogan – to pin on a wall: it is a deep commitment to place at the core of your Business!
This big Yes to Meaningful value creation makes you shift from Core Business to Care Business!