Materia Nova

“Aline Frankfort and Jean-Louis Baudoin are two peerless strategists who have been my key resources persons during the strategic repositioning exercise performed at Materia Nova, an exercise during which I was really able to discover and appreciate their added Value”

Dr. Luc Langer, General Manager, Materia Nova (Material R&D Center)

  • Public R&D Center (innovating materials, biotechnologies and nanotechnologies)
  • Address : Avenue Nicolas Copernic, 1 – 7000 Mons – Belgium
  • Mission : 2-phase accompaniment of the strategic process (2015 and 2017). Conceptualization and formalization of a strategic approach for Materia Nova as an agile Innovation platform, capable of switching from fundamental research to Economic and Intellectual Value on the territory concerned. For example, thanks to the technological transfer between Research and Industry, or transfer through mutualization of certain of its « watch », research and prototyping capacities, or its ability to « see » and to implement a fundamental « coordination » role between the competences required for the creation of global lines of activities
  • Duration : 5 years (between 2012 and 2017 in 3 phases)
  • Website :