“I have always had a problem working with consultants! This is why I really appreciate collaborating with Creative ConsulTeam, or, should I say, with Aline & Jean-Louis.
I like the fact that their approach is truly personal and always customized. Thanks to that approach, a dynamic of cooperation immediately sets in from the very start of any project.
Aline & Jean-Louis adapt to the tempo of the group and of the individuals in the group. Always relaxed, full of humor and provocative, they apply a structured, professional and rigorous methodology.
They manage to rapidly create a “space” at the heart of which any team can totally “own” their subject, discover new methods to think about it, feel free to generate its own solutions and draw conclusions that are naturally “bought” and applied.
The various projects I have successfully conducted with them over the past years have all delivered concrete and durable results. But, more than successful outcomes, these projects have been, thanks to them, the start of new adventures for the companies concerned, deeply transformed by a deep cultural change.”

Pierre Winant, CEO, Member of the Board

  • Multinational private company
  • Activity : medical supplies
  • Address of nearest site : Flevolaan 1n 1601 MA Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
  • Mission : RENOSHAPE : design and accompaniment of a strategic process aiming at actively reinventing the company’s Future
  • Strategic Output : scenarios, strategic choices, renewed portfolio of Innovation platforms and a new key role as Innovation Incubator serving the medical industry.
  • Duration : 2 years (2015 – 2016)
  • Results: New Strategy, 5 new innovation platforms, new Mindets

A Year After: The RenoShape innovation center office in Amsterdam

De: “Kirchbach, Paul von” <>
Objet: Renoshape Location in Q1 2018
Date: 19 décembre 2017 à 11:11:02 UTC+1

Bonjour Aline,
Just a brief update on Renoshape.
We signed a rental contract for the Renoshape innovation center office in Amsterdam and will start building up this location in February.
Here two pictures of the building from the outside (Kraanspoor in Amsterdam).

“Aline and Jean-Louis  are Top of the Shelf professionals. They possess the rare talent and the real expertise in changing ways of seeing, in making creative and disruptive concepts and ideas emerge from a group of people.

They also succeed thanks to their exceptional human « touch » and their capacity to create cohesion in a team which then feel “carrier” of the project and ready to make it happen and succeed.”

Christian Vergeylen, CEO, ONDEX France

  • Multinational private company
  • Activity : Corrugated plastic sheet
  • Address : BP 61, 21802 QUETIGNY Cedex –France
  • Mission :  duration one year (2013-2014). Strategic accompaniment aiming at inventing possible Futures for the Company.
  • Results: Based on several scenarios, strategic choices were made, investments selected and launched and new Innovation platforms created. Several awards quickly followed.