Creative Thinking

Our 3 services help you thrive on the Triple Revolution

Creative Thinking

What’s happening

From a linear and stable world to disruptive Ambiguity and Uncertainty

We are shifting from a world of rationalist predictability to another characterized by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. A VUCA world!

The old world – the game we “Think” we play – involves traditional problems that are clearly defined (Fixed constraints, known moves, finite boundaries, like chess). We can focus on good ideas and execution.

The new world, an altogether different game  in which Problems are unclear, complex and ambiguous: the game board, the players, the rules have changed. We now must focus on creating options and good direction-setting.

The Creative Thinking Imperative: new Mindsets and Skillsets as sources of Innovation

More complex than ever, the challenges we face call for us to tap on all of the Creativity and Knowledge at our disposal. They cannot be solved with the linear, analytical, rational, critical and repetitive Thinking our Occidental Culture still emphasizes.

Today, many people are finding that their “Mental Maps” don’t help them navigate oceans of uncertainties. They only allow them to recognize the “known” and repeat standard answers.

If you want to design innovative ways forward and shape your Future for the best, it is vital to regenerate old “mental maps” and to master Creative abilities.

Because Visionary Concepts and ideas are the real “Difference Makers”. Creativity drives Innovation. It is the revitalizing force and the “Must Have” for sustainable success and profits. The fact is, if you want to innovate, you have to be creative. If you want long-term profits, don’t start with Technology, start with Creativity. “Serious” Creativity ®

What we do

Revitalize your company with the mindsets and skillsets needed to imagine and lead the next generation of Wealth-creating strategies and solutions

This is exactly what allows most successful innovators, disruptors and entrepreneurs to become Designers and Shapers of the Future.

Thanks to our core expertise, we can help you and your teams acquire what we call the Vital Art of Reperception. a breakthrough in the way people see and think.

Instead of people under the pressure to conform, looking for the one right “formula” or the “tested Truth”, mainly busy “rearranging” the furniture in the same room, everyone becomes more thoughtful and mindful, with the Courage, Flexibility and Imagination needed

  • to escape conventional Wisdom, challenge old assumptions and reframe Mental Maps
  • to escape critical and adversarial Thinking and be constructive
  • to escape repetition and tackle issues with the Creativity needed to generate pertinent new points of view, concepts and ideas
  • to escape the prison of “incremental Thinking”, put their Imagination at work on key issues with Audacity to open up fresh and radically new ways forward and “make the impossible possible”
  • to escape the prison of “facts” and concrete realism” to master conceptual Thinking which is in fact the essence of Creativity and allows to connect Vision and Action
  • to escape rigidity and the illusion of control to understand how to navigate this fuzzy and ambiguous world with pleasure

We are known and renowned Experts in State-of-the-Art, time-tested, proven around the world Thinking methods

We use and transmit the “Six Thinking Hats“® and “Lateral Thinking”® , both invented by Dr. Edward de Bono, one of the world highest authorities in the field of Creative Thinking. He accredited us as experts in the early nineties.

These methods allow to voluntarily and consciously get out of our “Mental Highways” and develop innovative – sometimes Revolutionary – Strategies, Concepts and Ideas.

We have gained extensive international experience in bringing “Serious Creativity” ® to companies. We can provide Advice, Training, Facilitation of Strategic Creative Sessions and Expert Assistance to Think Tanks and Teams.

Results: the creative Mindsets and Skillsets needed to revitalize your approaches and empower profound Innovation

You and your teams develop an appetite for Visionary concepts and radical ideas, a state of Inventiveness, an increased mental Flexibility and a culture of Entrepreneurship.
This allows you to trigger Profound Innovation, i.e.

1. see the world with new lenses
2. develop opportunity foresense, i.e. detect plausible and robust Innovation opportunities
3. seize them Creatively via “Out-of-the-Box” and Breakthrough Thinking, which leads to truly  innovative and radically new approaches to Value creation
4. make better choices and act in new ways

How can you specifically benefit ?

We propose Custom-designed programs and sessions.
We can provide Advice, Training, Facilitation and Expert assistance for all complex Thinking situations.

1. Transfer through Training and Coaching

  • Edward de Bono’s Serious Creativity methods: The Six Thinking Hats and Lateral Thinking
  • Dyna- meet: Becoming an Innovation catalyst able to focus and facilitate dynamics of innovative meetings and group Thinking
  • Sponsor-Ship : An approach to help Leaders and Managers to sponsor Innovation and motivate many people at many levels to initiate Innovative solutions within their companies or across boundaries
  • Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action: An innovation incubator for the next generation of Strategic Innovators
  • The Shapership Akademi: A high-level Education Process for Thoughtful Managers of the Future (AKADEMI stands for Alternatives, Knowledge, Aspirations, Disruptions, Education, Mouvements and Innovation)

2. Thinking Clubs: skills and solutions incubators

3. Creative Assistance for collaborative and innovative sessions

4. Outsourced services

5. Challenging Partners

6. Naming services

All solutions are essentially custom-made, innovative and entertaining.