Innovation in action

Our 3 services help you thrive on the Triple Revolution

Innovation in Action

What’s happening

The “Participation and Collaboration Imperative”: Hubs and Networks that work

In the Knowledge Society, Mind matters. Because the source of Wealth comes from the knowledge and the creative talents of people. The central Challenge of the Industrial Age was Replicability and Efficiency. The central challenge for the Knowledge Age is Innovation and Learning. Fast.

The new world is based on new Value creation flows, cross-sector collaborations, Hubs and Networks are replacing Pyramids and silos. To be Fit for the Future, companies need to move from rigid to agile.

A new Art and Science of Collaboration is needed to get talented people to work creatively and effectively as teams and networks, cross-silos, cross-cultures, cross-disciplines and cross-sectors. This will lead to the creation of true new knowledge and value, thus true Collective Intelligence, versus the serious risk of Collective Stupidity.

Collective Creative Intelligence is needed.

Creating an innovation “Ecology”

It’s people who innovate, not companies!
The issue for any organization is to focus and motivate talented people at all levels to put their Minds on key issues and to initiate innovative solutions designed to improve (Incremental Innovation) and to Reinvent (Radical Innovation) processes.

Currently, many organisations are geared to excel or to keep doing “Things as Usual”. So, in most companies, teams mainly focus their time and energy on short-term, incremental and “correcting” measures while Revolutionary changes and fundamental Innovation are necessary to succeed in a new Business Paradigm.

This may create feelings of despair and fatalization.

What we do

Focus and liberate Innovation forces to build a core capacity to Innovate

Our systemic approach is designed to tap on the Imagination, Intelligence, Courage and Motivation of your teams.

Real Innovation happens within a context: an Innovation Ecology. Just as Basket-Ball teams need Basket-Ball courts to practice regularly and develop their collective abilities, Innovation requires daily practice “on the court” by your teams to become a core competence.

We help you turn your whole organization – or selected parts of it – into organized and meaningful practice fields for Innovation; “safe spaces for pertinent Creativity and Innovation”, fostering the joy of Creation and getting talented people to collaborate creatively and effectively as teams and networks.

Innovation in Action is Focus and Freedom working together for success by

  1. providing Innovation BioTops, focused, super-dynamic practice fields for Collaborative Innovation. They allow the practice of Focused Creativity and Innovation under real life conditions between people who must really generate results working together
  2. consciously creating the right strategic balance between ”Optimization” and “Innovation” to deliver a complete portfolio of innovation and create a permanent flow of competitive advantages on both curves.

This new Innovation Ecology allows to move

  • From the Comfort zone to the Innovation zone
  • From “more of the same” territories to “Imagination panoramas”
  • From the “preservation of the Past” to the “invention of the Future”
  • From old feelings such as fear and resistance to change to new feelings such as Trust and Enthusiasm


  • a core capacity to invent your Future while you manage your Present, at the required speed.
  • a vibrant community of committed contributors
  • a Fit-for-The-Future organization

versus desperating

Meaning-led and value-driven, focused on serving the world

versus Rigid

Status quo averse, ready for reinvention and rapid change

versus incremental

Ready for game-changing approaches

versus “siloised”

Fit for cross-boundary collective intelligence

How can you specifically benefit ?

1. Creative Assistance for collaborative and innovative sessions (From 2 hours to …)

  • Mobile Assistance in Thinking : MAT
  • Innovation Catalyst“: organized Innovation sessions
  • LAB-Out: outsourced Thinking
  • Challenging Partner : ask us to challenge and enrich your thinking when needed
  • Naming : memorable names and acronyms finding

2. Collaborative Innovation Practices: BIOtops or “ad hoc” collaborative Platforms

  • “The Corporate Future Office” (CFO) dedicated to specific Innovation issues
  • FETS and FITS : Focused Efficiency Teams (to optimise Best Practices and generate short-term results) and Focused Innovation Teams (to invent new approaches and create the Next Best Practices)
  • Thinking Clubs: a Skills and Solutions incubator
  • Lab-IN : in house Innovation labs
  • Game-Changing process: moving from Discovery to Delivery
  • FutureCasting Teams to Envision and Shape the Future(s) with Imagination
  • Next Generation R&D: to boost the “Fuzzy” front-end of Innovation

3. Innovation Events to catalyze collaborative Innovation

  • “InnoPower” to mobilise people at all levels to imagine and initiate innovative solutions
  • Jazz and Management: an exclusive event, with live concert as the metaphor of a new Art of Collaboration based on Focus and Freedom, active listening, improvisation, Creativity within a structure. Follow up workshops enable you to implement those practices.

4. Human-Centered practices to shift from Command and Control to Focus and Freedom

  • Transformational Coaching: Self-management, Decision-making based on inner rightness, Conflict resolution mechanisms (Dialogue, Peer-to-Peer listening, Management by Commitments, Taming the Ego, honest feedbacks, points of views expression), open forums, Strategic conversations and Purpose, the Vision-to-Value Line
  • Education Ground rules to create a safe place: Parallel Thinking, Powerful Meeting practices, Foresight and Insight, Creative Thinking and options finding
  • Blurring the Silo Lines to overcome the Silo Mindsets, separation and too loose connections