Strategic Innovation

Our 3 services help you thrive on the Triple Revolution

strategic Innovation

What’s happening

How can you successfully prosper in an uncertain world? By actively Shaping your Future(s)!

But what does that means today?

The Purpose imperative: The 4 P’s Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit AND Purpose) 

Everywhere around the word, emerge companies which consider as the “Olympic Minimum” to be aligned with Value Creation according to the “4P’s Bottom Line”:

1. People (Social Well-Being)
2. Planet (Environmental Health),
3. Profit (Economy)
4. Purpose (Meaning)

Even Forbes Magazine which is not particularly left wing, talks about “the quadruple promise.” (2016)

In April 2017, a Harvard Business Review Article was very radical about that subject:

“Prosperity in a society is the accumulation of solutions to human problems. (…) Businesses have a variety of social responsibilities, but the essential one—and the main reason that private enterprise is given license to operate—is to innovate.”

Smart Businesses moved from focusing on income to focusing on Outcomes, i.e. Purposeful Innovation and meaningful Value Creation for all stakeholders, with positive impact on system issues.
They connect Purpose with Profitability. Profit is the reward of the Value they create. And their Bottom Line is healthier than ever. So is their attractiveness for young generations who might be less interested in “building themselves a career” than in “living a meaningful life”.

What we do

Getting you to Next: when “Mental Maps” actively shape the Strategic Landscape

When the world stopped needing stagecoaches, the manufacturer of the best stagecoaches died in Total Quality. Instead of inventing the automobile.

This is called a crisis of perception – the inability to see an emerging novel reality by being locked inside obsolete assumptions or business paradigm.
A game-changing world requires game-changing approaches.
Excelling is not innovating.
Companies must reinvent themselves much more frequently than before. But no one can create the Future starting from obsolete maps.

We propose Strategy as Discovery versus Strategy as Analysis

Strategic Innovation is about reshaping your Mental Maps to help you make today the strategic choices that will lead you to actively shape your Future(s).

It is the alternative to traditional strategic processes which are based on analysis and linear Thinking. They generally lead to Forecasting, incremental Innovation and commoditized Strategies unable to cope with the wicked problems and the uncertainties you face.

To stay relevant and prosperous in a completely new and unpredictable Strategic Landscape, every company needs more than just predictable and logical improvements. SAFE and LINEAR ways of Thinking are not enough. They might even be dangerous.

We associate the Power of “Lateral Thinking”® with the “Art of Strategy”

What we do is a Fusion of Imagination, Serious Creativity, Scenario Thinking and Strategy for a more relevant type of Strategic Thinking.

The type of audacious and vanguard Thinking that can “Get you to Next”.

Starting by getting out of your Comfort Zone is a prerequisite

Based on our core expertise, “Shifts in Minds for Shifts in Action”, we design and facilitate dialogue-based, structured and creative processes which drive teams to SEE, SENSE and creatively SEIZE opportunities. We lead them to

  • reshape their Mental Maps, i.e. challenge perceptions and assumptions that guide decisions and actions
  • develop Opportunity Foresense, i.e. detect plausible and robust Innovation opportunities
  • creatively seize them, i.e. practice “Out-of-the-Box” and Breakthrough Thinking to envision alternative Future Scenarios, imagine truly innovative approaches to value creation and new growth possibilities, while competitors are still busy repeating the Past or Managing the Present.
  • Anticipate and today, make the best strategic choices to actively shape the Strategic Landscape

Results: the capacity to actively Shape your Future and switch from Renovation to Purposeful Innovation

The process itself is Strategy as a Meaning-Making process which allows to RETHINK THE PAST, RECONSIDER THE PRESENT AND RE-IMAGINE THE FUTURE.
It leads to shared and regenerated Mental Maps

  • The historical and Business Model Map
  • The Strategic Landscape maps, which include for the Portfolio of changes Map, The Actors maps, The Forecasting Maps
  • The Opportunities Map
  • The Future Possibilities map with a complete Innovation Portfolio on 3 growth Horizons: new Value propositions, which constitute a flow of Wealth-creating initiatives and potential competitive advantages to make your company Future-relevant
  • The Vision Map with a shared orientation to Value Creation which gives Purpose and Meaning to everything you do
  • The Strategic Blueprint maps: the fundamental Strategic choices which allow you to maximize your Robustness, your Flexibility and your Readiness to adapt quickly to whatever Future actually emerges
  • The action Map to build the ability to deliver your full Value proposition in a world of inter-dependencies

How can you specifically benefit ?

Customized advisory and Strategic Innovation sessions for Corporate Transformation

Each of our Strategic Innovation workshops is designed to apply Creative Thinking to your most crucial and complex strategic issues.
We put an emphasis, not simply on Imagination but on bringing concepts and ideas to life and  putting Strategy to work

You can choose from or combine

1. Long-term Strategic Processes to generate deep transformation

For examples, cf. Renolit Medical, Ondex, Derbigum, Materia Nova, Hain Celestial in our References

2. Customized Intensive Workshops (Minimum 2 days) such as

  • Strategic Fit and Fits: a way to find new differentiation strategies for success by creating maximum fit between your company and the context in movement
  • Keep the Best, Reinvent the Rest”: a way to balance short-term demands and long-term goals to ensure Sustainability and flows of revenues
  • The Innovation Radar: a way to use the full scope of Innovation opportunities to create sustainable new Value
  • Major Opportunities Detection (MOD): a way to detect emerging opportunities to create compelling difference and reach Sur/Petition ®
  • CRYSTAL: Meaning-led Vision and Directions, a way to sharpen your strategic focus and crystallize your Vision while you prepare for Flexibility
  • Back from the Future: a way to bring your Vision to life
  • MotiVision: a way to connect everybody to the Vision and make it a Shared Direction
  • Flow-Viewer: a way to visualise how your company creates Value and maximise everyone’s contribution

3. Inter-company collaborative workshops or Thinking Clubs for Peers perspectives