Shapership. The Art of Shaping the Future

Shapership is above all a way to look at the world.
It is a capacity anyone anywhere in the world possesses, as soon as he/she has the fundamental attitude and aptitude to “see” what is possible, beyond “what is”.

The Eye only sees what the Brain
is ready to understand

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, a Baker, a Teacher, an Artist, an Architect, a Manager or a CEO, this approach may be an inspiration

Anyone with a strong Vision for improving Society
and/or their Community can become a Shaper

Shapership is the Art of shaping new Realities, opening up new paths to the Future and transforming Society for the better.

The word associates

  • “Shaping” (as in “shaping a diamond”)
  • and Leadership (meaning “leading an initiative”)

It means facing Reality in creative, visionary and sometimes revolutionary ways, with a clear acknowledgment of “what is” and a transformative Vision of “what could be”.

Why this new concept?

Because the world sorely needs new “shapes” : mental, organizational, financial, societal, economic, cultural, educational…

Because we will not be able to solve 21st century issues with 20th (or earlier) ways of Thinking and Acting.

Because many of us – and among them some really young people – feel in their heart this aspiration to change the world. They know our ways of living – and also to destroy Life – must make place for other ways to See, Think and Act instead of keeping conforming to obsolete models.

Because, in today’s highly interconnected world, you don’t have to hold a Leadership position to take a stand, do something important and make an impact on Society.

Shapership can help us think more appropriately about the Future. It invites each of us – regardless of gender, color, country, educational level, status, domain, social group or culture – to become a Shaper of the Future or add certain dimensions of Shapership to their current existence.

Shapership is neither Leadership, nor Entrepreneurship

Shapers have been around as long as we can remember!
They appear in every country, social groups, fields of activity, age-brackets, genders, races and contexts.

In certain cases, they have been asked – or pushed – to become Leaders.
But many current Leaders and Entrepreneurs are not “Shapers”.

Shapership as an Utopia in Action

Shapers are completely different.
They think BIG AND CREATIVE. They challenge conventional Wisdom, they have a “Dream” to somehow enhance the dignity and the meaning of human life and, even if other think it is “impossible”, they make the “impossible” possible.
They create new forms of collaboration. Whether it is through a mouvement, a company, a community, shapers unite people around shared Purposes.

Some famous Shapers of yesterday and today include

  • Rob Hopkins (United Kingdom, 1968-) Shaper of the Transition Town Movement
  • Ricardo Semler (Brazil, 1959-) Shaper of Industrial Democracy
  • Catia Bastioli (Italy, 1957-) Shaper a new model of Sustainable Development integrated with the territory
  • Sanjit “Bunker” Roy (India, 1945-) Shaper of Barefoot Education
  • Maria Montessori (Italy 1870-1952) Shaper of a new approach to Education
  • Michel Onfray (France, 1959-) Shaper of Freedom Through Philosophy
  • Vishen Lakhiani (Malaysia, United States,1976-) Shaper of Self-Development for all
  • Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy (India 1918-2006) Shaper of an Eye-Care System with a Vision
  • Salman Khan, (Bengal, United States, 1976 – ) Shaper of Education for Many.

And maybe you?

The DNA of Shapership: the “Altitude Attitude”

Three fundamental elements lie at the core of the Shapers Mindset

“Those who do not believe in the impossible are requested not to discourage those who are busy making it happen”

Vision creates Reality.

Modern Physics has proven that “it is our mind that defines Reality and not the opposite”
Shapers are neither prisoners of facts, nor of conventions, nor of their own “representations”. They know that “The eye only sees what the brain is ready to understand”.

Shapers have reversed the traditional way of looking at things, attributed to Saint Thomas: “I only believe what I see”.
While most people are busy taking Reality as an excuse, Shapers are busy making the Future happen, guided by Faith: “I see what I believe” then, “I create what I believe”.

This is crucial in the current historical moment of disruption we are going through.
Because each of us has a choice to make: preserve the old or Shape the new.

Let’s do all we can to allow Shapers of the Future to emerge and manifest themselves.

Shapership as an inspiration

Shapership is a new concept which can open new windows in your mind and inspire you to become a Shaper of the Future or to add certain dimensions of Shapership to your current existence.

It can be an “I” opener for certain people who discover new dimensions of themselves which had heretofore remained hidden.
Or an Eye “Hopener” for others for whom it becomes a source for hope in a more brotherly Future.

Anyone with a strong Vision for improving their community or society can become a shaper

In today’s highly interconnected world, you don’t have to hold a Leadership position to take a stand, do something important and make an impact on Society.

The Book

Discover all the facets of Shapership in our recently published book in French and in English

About The Book Trends Tendances and Wolvendael

To be soon introduced

The Shapership Academi

An Education venture
for Shapers of the Future

We are committed to do all we can to allow Shapers of the Future to emerge and manifest themselves.

The Shapership Academi is an original Education and Awareness process which answers the need to design innovative NO-MAD ways forward.

It is focused on the development of the Mindsets and skillsets needed to become Shapers of the Future, i.e. purpose-driven Entrepreneurs and Innovators, able to design and lead the next generation of strategies and  solutions that will shape a better world.

Rotman magazine (University of Toronto, Canada) on Shapership